Avera & Smith

What do you do if you’re a personal injury law firm that detests typical personal injury lawyer commercials, yet needs to advertise to maintain your profile? Gainesville law firm Avera & Smith faced that dilemma when they asked us to work with them in 2013. To stand out from the clutter, we took a simple, bold and truthful path. We also engaged a mixed media strategy and took the creative production quality
to a level that outshined the competition.

Get on the bus

To reach people, we took the bus. As in the whole bus and turned it into a rolling Avera & Smith messaging platform. It was a simple move that no one else dared to make. It garnered a lot of attention, especially from the other lawyers in town. How do we know? Because the media strategy we set for them has been followed by every other firm. (You’re welcome.)


You need a lawyer you can trust. And lawyers need websites they can trust. So Avera & Smith called upon us to revamp their site, make it cleaner, easier to navigate and a better experience for their clients.

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