Higher Education

Here are five things you can do to help other institutions of higher education see you as the leader you are.

1. Tell your story in a way that can be viewed, posted, liked, commented on, ranked, and most of all, shared.

2. Create your own way of standing out among your peers by fielding and posting an objective third party survey which dives deeper than simply awareness.

3. Post student to student perspective interview style video blogs which amplify the benefits of your particular curriculum and student experience.

4. Focus on increasing your Google ranking. Be sure you are discoverable not only by prospective students, but also your peers.

5. Host expert seminars/events inside your focus and amplify that across social media.

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Your university’s ranking leaves a major impact on prospective students, alumni looking to donate, and peer institutions seeking research collaborations. The answer to improving your institution’s ranking often lies in awareness– your top researchers may be close to a cure for cancer, but it won’t impact your ranking if no one knows about it. We take a multi-faceted approach to boost college and university rankings. We start by capturing your story in a way that can be widely shared. Through a mix of targeted campaigns, social media strategy, and search engine optimization, we communicate what makes your university exceptional to your peers and potential students.

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Student Recruitment

Prospective students need to see and feel what makes your college or university unique. They need to understand what it’s like to attend – everything from learning in the classrooms and future career opportunities to the culture of the college and student-teacher interaction. But the essential information about your school needs to be reinforced with an emotional appeal. To accomplish this, we develop an understanding of your ideal student and their needs and desires. We combine emotionally-charged videos with informative brochures and social media campaigns to lead exemplary students right to your admissions funnel.

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Brand Awareness

Every university is different. Even individual colleges within a university often have unique brand elements that make them attractive to potential students or faculty. Through in-depth conversations and primary/secondary research, we uncover the most valuable aspects of your brand and build a communications plan that leverages those factors to your advantage.

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Donor Engagement

Donor engagement is essential to raising the funds your university needs to grow and prosper. A key to this is telling your story and your mission in a compelling way. We approach this with a combination of emotional storytelling and powerful analytics to attract and engage donors and alumni. We use quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand how students, alumni, and faculty view your college and university. We then use their input to craft an effective message based on an internal truth your audience will recognize within themselves. Using a mix of digital touchpoints, creative executions, and social influences, we communicate that message to potential donors to increase feelings of solidarity with your college and university.

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