University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Did you know the University of Florida is Florida’s Land Grant University? Well, it is. And the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), the largest division within the University of Florida, is tasked with fulfilling the mission to serve the people of Florida. 19 million in 67 counties to be exact. No other UF department has a greater impact than UF/IFAS. It’s an amazing story, and we’re honored to help tell it.

UF/IFAS Ad Campaign

Many Floridians weren’t aware of the important role UF/IFAS plays in crop development, water conservation, nutrition and community health. Things that touch their lives every day. So we boiled it all down to one easy-to-grasp idea. UF/IFAS is “The Science of Better Living.” Under that umbrella, we launched a multi-channel campaign highlighting not only the work UF/IFAS is doing, but also the effect it is
having on the great state of Florida.


With offices in all 67 Florida counties, having a consistent look for all communications coming from UF/IFAS was a challenge. We strengthened the brand by building an online portal containing templates for messaging platforms from social media to mass media.

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