Sebastian Ferrero Foundation

The Sebastian Ferrero Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving healthcare for children in Florida, wanted two things. First, to understand more about their potential donor market. Second, they wanted Gainesville, a town without a dedicated children’s hospital, to have one that is world-class. It was a bold vision. And In March 2010, the $130 million UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital opened its doors. Since that time, we’ve continued to work with the Foundation in their mission to upgrade facilities, such as the neonatal intensive care unit, which opened November 2016.

Research and PR

Sebastian Ferrero Foundation needed information. Lots and lots of it. So we conducted primary and secondary research to give them a better understanding of the smartest way to move forward. From there, we helped tighten the relationship between the organization and the university hospital system, which included some heavy PR lifting to get all the key players moving in the same direction.

Noche de Gala

Next, we got together with some key people in town and threw a party. A big one called Noche de Gala that raised lots of money for better healthcare outcomes for kids. It’s become one of the most anticipated annual events in the area. Every year we help develop its theme and promote the event
through several marketing channels.

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