University of Florida College of
Veterinary Medicine

When most people think of veterinarians, they think of dogs and cats. The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine hired us to change just that perception. Not that we don’t all love our furry friends of course. But the reality is that veterinarians do much more than care for our cuddly companions. They work on research that goes on to affect humans, animals, and the environment for the better. That’s a mission we could get behind.

Branding Videos

The first step to showcasing everything our client is capable of was to create a banner that everyone in the college could rally behind and an anthem video to support that message. We developed the brand position of “Challenge Accepted” to represent the willingness of professors, students, and researchers to go above and beyond in looking for solutions that help every species on the planet, including our own. We produced a popular anthem video under this banner, and then created “pillar” videos that support the brand by delving into the college’s different divisions: patient care, research, and teaching.

Print Collateral

We supported the new brand with a variety of print collateral. We created an overall brochure that delves into everything the college does. We also created direct mail pieces and flyers that highlighted some of the lesser known services that the college offers, like special clinical trials and research.

Social Media Video

Though we were hired to show how the college goes above and beyond for all animals, there’s no denying that dogs and cats hold a special place in our hearts. So we created a video for social media sharing that showcases a cute pug named Lucy getting a specialized form of laser treatment in her “Doggles.” To date, the video continues to rack up tens of thousands of views.

Complete Scope of Work

  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Logo Revisions and Brand Identity
  • Annual Marketing and Media Plan Development
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns (Direct Mail, Landing Page Development, Social Media Execution, PPC Set-up, Management, & Reporting)
  • Social Media Management (Including Paid Advertising)
  • Brand Anthem Video
  • Pillar Video Series
  • College Brochure and other collateral
  • Specialty Items
  • Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
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