Jillian Baker

Account Executive

After a long, harsh winter, Jillian left the Midwest for the Florida sunshine. She grew up on a small corn and soybean farm in southeastern Illinois and was actively involved in 4-H, which planted a seed of passion for agriculture. Jillian started her advertising career after receiving an agricultural communications/public relations degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (the true blue and orange). Her experience with various clients such as Monsanto, United Soybean Board and Marrone Bio Innovations, brings a unique perspective to the FMG table. Although work keeps her busy, Jillian (and her cat) are never too busy to make a life full of travel, Netflix, and coffee.

Fun Fact:  Jillian is a true TV fanatic. She once had a TV show for every day of the week. She’s got her priorities in check, though.