When meeting a brand for the first time, there are two key elements that stand out to consumers — the brand name and the brand logo. While the brand name alludes to what the company does, the brand logo has a few specific jobs. Not only should it speak to the company’s unique identity, but it should also resonate with the target audience and be easily recognizable. 

When it’s time to update an existing logo, look to Frankel Media Group for logo design in Gainesville, Florida. Logo redesign artists at Frankel Media Group will work with you to create a logo that speaks to your brand and helps your company stand out. But what are the benefits of updating your logo, and when should you think about a logo redesign? Let’s take a closer look. 

Elements of an Effective Logo

Effective logos reflect your brand identity and help to tell your brand story. They should be simple, strong, and easily identifiable in order to help your brand stand out from the competition. This also helps make it more memorable – recognizability helps consumers to trust your brand. Things like logo color and any included typography should reflect your brand, as well. An effective logo should also be scalable, working with a range of platforms, including digital, social media, and print.

Benefits of Updating Your Logo

Whether it’s updating an existing logo or designing a completely new logo, changing your company’s logo can benefit your business in several ways. 


When creating a rebranding strategy, a new logo can help highlight the brand’s new personality. Consider who the brand’s new target audiences are, including clients and talent. A new or updated logo should reach these audiences and draw them in, making them interested to learn more about the brand. Also, take into account things that make your company unique. A new logo can better reflect a brand name, a brand’s history, a range of products, or something similar. 

If a rebrand is imminent, it’s time to start thinking about the logo. Consider small updates versus a completely new logo. If the current logo is tired, a new one might be in order. If the current logo is well known and will remain identifiable by target markets, consider small changes to modernize the look. Logo experts can help guide you through the process. 

Increase Visibility

If you’ve had the same logo for a long time, a fresh new logo can draw attention to your brand and increase visibility among target audiences. Whether it’s minor changes for a more modern look or a completely new logo to cut through the noise in a sea of similar logos, a logo redesign can help the brand be seen by more consumers. It can also help attract new or different audiences or bring the brand into new markets. 

Think critically about your logo. If your brand is getting lost among the competition, it could be time to consider a new or redesigned logo. 


Updating a brand logo can also help it be consistent across platforms and materials. A brand logo should be the same everywhere, from the company website to social media, products, business cards, etc. It should also be clear (not blurry) and easy to see in all sizes. Different forms should also be considered for the logo to work in horizontal and vertical spaces as well as small social media icons. 

Think about your logo and how it scales across platforms. If it’s blurry in various sizes or if it doesn’t fit a space that’s used frequently, talk with logo experts about updating the existing logo or creating a logo redesign. 

Digital marketing agencies like Frankel Media Group in Gainesville can help with logo redesigns. Whether it’s updating an existing logo or creating a completely new logo design, our logo design experts will create the most effective logo for your brand. Connect with us today.