As more and more Americans adhere to CDC guidelines and stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are working to find the best ways to adapt to the evolving landscape and communicate with customers in this anxiety-ridden climate. With consumers staying in, the coronavirus presents unique challenges, but also presents unique opportunities as media consumption continues to grow. After working with organizations across industries to distribute COVID-19 messaging via strategic channels, we’ve assembled these best practices for marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Consider Appropriate Communications Channels for Coronavirus Updates

If you need to provide updates on the status of your operations, first determine the most appropriate channel to do so.

Social Media

Social media allows you to easily communicate with an audience that cares about your brand. If you have an update on the status of your operations that might affect your customers, social media is a great place to share it. On Facebook, pin any operations updates to the top of your page so that people who are taking to social media to find out how your business might be affected can easily find the information they’re looking for. 


Inboxes are flooded with emails on how corporations are responding to coronavirus right now. Avoid emailing customers directly unless you need to inform them that you can no longer fulfill a service that they are paying for, are providing a resource or special offer, or are giving an update through a relationship manager that has regular direct contact with the client.

Landing Page

Landing pages are an easy way to provide clear operations updates to customers or employees. You can update a landing page at any time with the most recent information about your coronavirus response, allowing you to easily communicate with a large audience. Share the link to your landing page using social media or email.

Leverage Emerging Marketing Trends

According to Nielson, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to increase America’s already historically high media consumption by 60%. Previous reports indicate that 3 in 4 consumers have added streaming subscriptions and TV-connected devices, providing even more media options. We can also expect social media usage to increase, as it has in Asia amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

With consumers quarantined, now is the time to focus on long-term growth. Brand building campaigns that aim to increase awareness and affinity will see greater effectiveness, posing an opportunity for advertisers. 

Be a Resource to Your Community

Businesses are finding creative ways to ease the collective anxiety, whether by directly providing aid for the coronavirus crisis or offering entertainment for those that are self-quarantining. Here are some creative ways that organizations have helped their communities, earning brand affinity and good PR in the process.


After announcing the temporary closure of their parks due to COVID-19, Disney stated that it will donate all of its excess food to local food banks.


Facebook is rolling out a new grant program to help small businesses that are struggling during this time.


After closing all corporate-owned locations, Orangetheory began posting daily trainer-led, at-home workouts on their coronavirus updates page.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is offering free use of its secure collaboration platform during the coronavirus pandemic, helping remote workers communicate effectively.


Many distilleries nation-wide have begun using high proof alcohol to make hand sanitizer and give it away for free

Establish Your Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the last few weeks, Frankel has helped diverse organizations determine what marketing during the coronavirus pandemic looks like for them. Please connect with us if you have any questions about ways that you can communicate with or reach your audience during this time.