Your small business needs a strong online presence. Not only is it the best place for you to promote your products and/or services, but it’s also where most consumers go to learn about local businesses. It’s widely known that being available online via a company website, your local Google My Business listing and advertising (such as through social media or search engines) all help create your online presence. But how do you cut through the noise of your competition and let your potential customers know that they should do business with you instead? We can help. 

At Frankel Media Group, our team of digital advertising experts at our full service marketing agency in Gainesville, FL, has put together the best ideas for you to use in your 2022 marketing plan. Take a look at these ideas and determine which ones might work for your business. We’ve also got tips on what metrics to look at to determine where you can improve. Need a little help with your marketing plan? Connect with us today. We’ll listen to your needs and work with you to create a specific plan to achieve your business goals. 

Now let’s get to it! Here are the best ideas for your 2022 marketing plan.    

Understanding Your Audience

When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, one of the most important things you can do is to fully understand your target audience. Who are they? What do they like or need? In addition to demographics such as age ranges, gender and income levels, you’ll also need to know the psychographics. This includes things like their pain points and priorities, messaging or language that draws them in (for example, do they prefer casual or more formal ways of speaking?), social media habits, and more. 

To figure out your target audience demographics, take a look at your metrics within analytics. It’s easy to see a solid view of who visits your site or social pages, how old they are, what percent are male vs. female, where they live, and so on. Determining psychographics oftentimes requires a deeper dive and is best done with the assistance of digital marketing experts.  

Make the Most of Existing Customers

When looking to increase revenue, look toward existing customers. Customers who have already made a purchase are more likely to make another one because they know and like you. Focus on customers who have already converted, whether through making a purchase or using your services or by filling out a form or giving you a call (for service-based businesses). Offer incentives for repeat business or for previous customers who refer a friend. 

Improve Your Website (or Create One!)

If you already have a website, look at making improvements. If you don’t have a website, create one! Make sure the information on your site is clear and concise, and make sure your name, address and phone number are the same as found in other places. It’s a great idea to include a form on your website that current or potential customers can fill out to join your email list, which has the added bonus of letting you target these customers with additional promotions. Also, make sure to have a page for every product or service you provide and consider a blog to answer questions customers may have. This will help present your business as an authority in your industry. 

Leverage Social Media

Most of your current and potential customers have social media accounts, whether on Facebook, Instagram or another platform. Creating or increasing activity on your business’s social media account is an excellent way to be seen. Post about things relevant to your business, whether it’s a product or service promotion or discount, a special event, an employee recognition, or even a special day or week, such as National Hug Your Dog Day. Get creative, and be consistent in your posting; depending on your industry, you’ll want to post an average of 4-6 times per week. Check your social media insights (metrics) to find the best times and days to post, and aim content toward your target audience(s). 

You can also use your social media platform to advertise, which gets your post in front of more eyes than if just done organically. Not sure how to navigate the advertising side? Our digital advertisers can help with your marketing strategy!

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Remember those contacts you acquired when you added the form to your website? Use that list to stay connected with them via email. It’s a free and easy way to communicate promotions, spread the word about events or a new product/service, or provide helpful tips about something relevant to your industry via sharing a blog that your audience may find useful. Using metrics that come with an email platform like MailChimp, you’ll be able to see how many people received your email, how many opened your email, how many clicked links included in your email, and, if applicable, how many people made a purchase from your email. 

Encourage Positive Reviews

When customers are happy with your products or services, encourage them to leave a positive review of your business on Google. They can do this through your Google My Business listing, which is what comes up when a customer searches for you on Google. The more regularly you receive reviews, and the more positive they are, the higher Google will rank your business in its algorithm. The higher you rank, the more you’re shown to potential customers when they search for you organically (not via a paid advertisement). 

More Ideas

The above tips will get you quite far in local digital advertising, but there are a ton of digital marketing ideas out there for small businesses. Check out the following list and see what sparks your interest. 

  • Create or update your logo and brand to resonate with your target audience.
  • Add Google Analytics tracking to your website. 
  • Check social media insights (metrics) regularly.
  • Continuously improve the content on your website, which will improve your SEO rankings in organic search over time.
  • Optimize your website for mobile – depending on the industry, anywhere from 60-90% of users may access your site from a mobile device. 
  • Take and share amazing photos; ensure photos are consistent across your brand (check for things like similar tones and relevant imagery).
  • Create a social media posting calendar and stick to it. 
  • Add a chat feature to your website, or be available for customer service-related chats on social media.
  • Encourage customers to review your business on Google. 
  • Advertise on search engines like Google or via social media platforms. 

Digital marketing agencies like Gainesville’s own Frankel Media Group can help with digital marketing for small businesses. From developing a marketing strategy to implementing digital advertising, our full service marketing agency will help you succeed within your market. Connect with us today. Let’s make big things happen.