Twitter is a great platform to promote yourself, a business or anything in between! Follow these do’s and don’ts to get the most out of those 140-character tweets.


DO: Write A Memorable Profile Bio

Don’t be afraid to get creative in your Twitter bio – it’s how you establish your identy! This is the place to share with followers why you’re credible and what you’re interested in. Memorable bios increase odds of users following your account.


DON’T: Retweet Something You Haven’t Read

Great headlines do not equal great articles. Make sure you’re sending the right message by thoroughly reading the articles you’re retweeting. It’s important followers know you’re tweeting with a purpose.


DO: Keep A Consistent Ratio

Want the secret ratio to a successful Twitter account? Your profile should consist of 30% original tweets, 30% retweets and 30% engagement with followers. We’ll leave the other 10% up to you!


DON’T: Be Creepy

Twitter gives users the opportunity to follow people they admire and can learn from. This is one of our favorite aspects of the social networking site. However, make sure not to not engage with every single post by a particular account. Just think, it would be a little weird if someone did that to you!


DO: Share Photos

Did you know that tweets with photos earn, on average, 150% more retweets and 18% more clicks? Get your profile noticed by using visually appealing pictures and infographics.


DON’T: Ignore People

If someone mentions or tweets you, make sure to engage with them! If you’re in a hurry, it’s perfectly fine to like their tweet. If not, respond with a quick thank you and mentally give yourself a high five.