The 2020 holiday season doesn’t look like anything in the past, mostly because…well…it’s 2020 and COVID-19 has emphasized the importance on digital marketing for retailers. Just consider these numbers according to a recent study from Salesforce. Thanks to the pandemic, 88% of customers expect brands to increase their digital initiatives. And naturally, 68% of them put higher expectations on digital capabilities to handle all of the attention. 

Bottom line: if you’re a retailer, having your digital game on point could pay huge dividends.

People are staying home. But they’re still shopping.

Back in the summer, retail sales increased month over month for 3 consecutive months. A great sign for retailers. But over that same period of time, foot traffic to brick and mortar stores plummeted by 43% compared to last year. The purchasing power is still there, but it’s definitely shifted online. A study by Iterable found only 3% of consumers plan on doing all of their shopping in stores this holiday season, while 67% will do most or all of their gift purchasing online. 

Another driver of holiday shopping is not driving at all. Holiday travel is expected to be way down, which will give people the time and funds to buy their presents online. Digital marketing for retailers couldn’t be more important.

‘Tis the season for eCommerce

As people stay home and stay safe, just consider these numbers from earlier this year. eCommerce sales boomed in Q2 of 2020 with a whopping 44.4% increase and a 36.7% boost in Q3 compared to 2019. Target absolutely crushed it with a 154% increase in year-over-year online sales growth in Q3 in 2020.

Hunting for holiday deals

People love a good bargain. Especially during the holidays. According to Business Wire, getting a value for money spent on presents is top of mind for consumers this holiday season. With the ease of shopping so many different retailers online to find the best price, digital marketing for retailers plays an even bigger role.

Need a Helping Hand to Reach Holiday Shoppers?

It’s pretty clear that a sound digital marketing strategy could make the difference between operating in the black or red this holiday season. We at Frankel Media Group would welcome the opportunity to help you get the most out of your digital marketing efforts. Just drop us a line any time!