The name of the game is engagement. And you want lots of it. The more engaged your audience is with your posts, the more likely they’ll see your content in their newsfeeds. Organic posts are a great way to determine if your content is effective. You’re not paying to get in front of people. You’re just putting it out there getting likes, shares and clicks in a very natural way.

Meaningful Engagement is Good for Business

Back in 2017, Buzzsumo did a deep dive into 880 million Facebook posts and found something startling. Engagement was plummeting. Why? Many social media platforms were encouraging brands to use advertising as the means to increase their reach. Which makes sense considering advertising dollars help the platforms themselves. 

Moving ahead to 2018, Facebook changed their post ranking algorithm to favor personal posts rather than those from brands. The idea being that meaningful engagement should be the priority. So posts with active and thoughtful interactions will get more reach. 

So what does all of this mean for marketers? It means organic posting plays a much bigger role in your social strategy.

5 Steps to Increase Organic Engagement on Social Media

Analyze Your Current Content

What are you posting right now? And what have you posted in the recent past? What is the engagement rate for these posts? A little analysis of your content can go a long way. If how-to tips are outperforming posts with product photos, then maybe go with less product photos and more how-to tips. Rocket science, it isn’t.

Post When People Are Active

Both Facebook and Instagram and many other social monitoring and reporting platforms like Sprout Social offer super helpful data when it comes to your audience. They know the days of the week and times of days when they’re most active. Armed with that info, post away during those periods to improve your engagement rate. It’s that simple.

Ask for Input

People love sharing their opinions. Just look at your uncle’s political posts if you don’t believe us. A great way to increase organic engagement on social media is to ask people what they think about your content. Or you can run the poll feature on Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to ask anything related or unrelated to your product or service. Do they like driving stick shift? What’s their favorite breakfast cereal? Are they excited for 2020 to be over? To engage, and do a little research on your offerings, start a poll asking them to choose your product’s favorite feature.

Use Facebook and Instagram Story Tools

Stories on Facebook and Instagram have become very popular with users. To spark engagement, consider adding some of the following tools:

  • Poll: Ask users a question with two options.
  • Quiz: Ask users a question with up to four options — there must be a correct answer.
  • Questions: Ask users a question, and they can submit a short response. You can post their responses to your story.
  • Emoji Slider: Users can slide emojis like the heart emoji or fire emoji to react to the story.
  • DM Me: Add a sticker that users can send a direct message to you through.
  • Donation: add a cause for your followers to donate to directly from your story.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

When people give their time or attention to something, giving them, or potentially giving them, something in return has proven to be very effective. Contests or giveaways are two prime examples. They create excitement and encourage user-generated content. They’re also a great way to gain new followers.

A Helpful Resource to Increase Organic Engagement on Social Media

Frankel Media Group has implemented many strategies that have helped brands increase their organic engagement on social media. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or provide assistance however we can. Just drop us a line, anytime.