This week our team was treated to a movie day! The film of choice? Helvetica.

While snacking on popcorn and candy bars, we learned about the font’s history and how deeply it has truly impacted our culture. All while lounging on CordaRoys Beanbag Beds, which were oh so comfy!

You might not know it, but Helvetica is all around you. Companies like Post-it, Evian and Harley-Davidson are just three of the thousands of brands who use the iconic lettering.

Interior Images-Collage-Set1

Or how about BMW, Target or American Airlines? We bet you’ve never noticed their logos also use the classic typeface.

Interior Images-Collage-Set2

The font doesn’t stop with only logos. Everywhere you look, signs are covered with the typeface. So next time you’re pulling up to a stop sign, dashing to your flight or checking if you’re on Maple or Maine – know that it’s all thanks to Helvetica.

Helvetica – Street Sign Interior

All of this wouldn’t be possible without Swiss designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann. Thank you for 59 years of advertising history!

For those of you who have never seen the flick, give the trailer below a peek. You’ll be hooked!