Does niche rhyme with itch? Or does it rhyme with quiche? However, you pronounce it, targeting niche markets can be an effective strategy for your business. (For the record, we prefer niche that rhymes with quiche. It’s much more fun to say.) But you might be asking, what does niche targeting look like? How can I use digital advertising to reach my well-defined audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have several niche targeting strategies to make that critical connection and help your business grow.

Top Ways to Target Your Niche Market

Target by Demographics

This is a great tactic to use in conjunction with one of the many niche targeting strategies below. It helps you hone in – get nicher if you will – and narrow your audience by age, income level, marital status, gender or more. The more focused your strategy, the more likely you are to make a meaningful connection to drive action and conversion.

Target by Contact Information

Already have a list of qualified leads? Just upload their emails and phone numbers and Facebook and Google will start serving them ads. Simple as that. Also, if you’d like to do a little prospecting based on your existing lead list, you can create a new audience that the ad platform has already put together based on similar behavior to your current leads.

Target by User Interest

With many channels of digital advertising at your disposal, like paid social and programmatic, you can target niche markets based on the interests of your defined target audience and really hone them down to only those that would find your content relevant. If they’re into yoga, roller coasters, ice cream sundaes, or whatever, digital platforms will make sure your message gets in front of them.

Target by Search Habits

Another great niche targeting strategy is to tap into a user’s search habits.  Google’s search results. Whether it’s something they have already been browsing or what they’re currently looking for, you can have a display ad pop up while they browse or even have your business show up in their Google search results. But it isn’t limited to Google. Search habits can also trigger programmatic ads.

Target by Previous Interactions

Let’s say someone already visited a specific page on your website or interacted with you on social media. Once again, through digital advertising you have the ability to retarget them and serve them ads. Not only does it invite them to engage with you again, but it segments your website visitors so you can serve them relevant content based on their behavior.

Target by Exact Location

Want to target people attending a certain conference? Or who live in a certain zip code? Or who are shopping at your competitor’s store? Location-based targeting is right up your alley. One method is to implement Geofencing, which draws a virtual fence around a specific area and serves ads to anyone who enters that location. Another form of location-based targeting is Geotargeting. Much like Geofencing, Geotargeting ads are served to people entering a certain area. But takes it a step further by using data that includes a person’s interest, demographics and behaviors to zero in on an even more well-defined audience.

Target by Occupation

Facebook and LinkedIn, especially LinkedIn, know what people do for a living. They know the stage of someone’s career or where they work. Programmatic ads can also be used to reach people within certain industries or even job titles. If you are a business-to-business organization, implementing this type of niche targeting can be a gold mine!

Target by Life Events

People love posting life events on Facebook. Either, they’re engaged, newly married, having a baby, having a birthday or a number of other things. Facebook allows you to target them and serve ads that connect their big moment with your products or services.

Determining Which Niche Targeting Strategy is Right for You

Take a look at your audience, your current customers and identify the areas they have in common. This will help you determine the “who” you should be targeting and get you started on one or more of the tactic above. If you need a little help finding the right niche targeting strategy, reach out to one of the digital advertising experts at Frankel Media Group. Drop us a line or give us a ring.