We all know that recruiting individuals who are the best and strongest in their disciplines is vital to maintaining your organization’s growth. Ensuring that the right people are seeing your organization in the right way and honing your recruitment strategy can be a daunting task. The truth is, with the growth of digital and social media presence (and a more technologically focused audience) the pressure to solidify top talent, either as an employee or as a prospective new student, has never been more intense. But no worries, we’ve laid out five tactics you can implement in order to boost your organization’s recruitment strategy.

1. Customization Is Key
It’s nothing new – personalization has made a world of a difference in, well, differentiating marketing strategies on an individual basis. According to Epsilon research, 80 percent of people are more likely to interact with a company if it offers a personalized experience. This means that the average person is not only more likely to respond to personalized content, but is expecting it as the standard for the content with which they interact. Users are expecting everything from social media to emails to landing pages to be tailored to the needs and characteristics that resonate with them most. This is pertinent in recruiting for your organization, where candidates and applicants have never been more distracted with various media channels – or bombarded by recruiters.

Personalization means taking the time to identify the types of candidates and applicants you want to be a part of your organization and the unique identifiers (experience, location, interests etc.) that separate this group of people. Using tools like merge variables, dynamic content and personas you can tailor your outreach strategy to increase the odds of getting your target candidate’s attention.

2. Solidify Your Communication Funnel

Listen, no one likes being ghosted. Especially not those interested in your organization. Maintaining a frequent and ongoing dialogue will keep those in your application funnel engaged with your organization. While “casual applicants” happen, high-achieving applicants tend to be go-getters, and long breaks in communication will not win you points, in the long run, check out ninja casino online.

Set up a regular cadence for your communication funnel. This includes all aspects of communication involved in your recruitment process, whether it be email, brochures or digital ads. You want to solidify general levels of your funnel that mark the stage of communication for each individual. Then, the content you send to them can be personalized based on the level they are at in your funnel, from general awareness to post-application. You want to ensure that you are at the forefront of your target applicants’ mind and not lost in the abyss of digital marketing.

3. Social and Video Recruiting

One of the biggest movements in recruitment strategy has been the implementation of social media into communication tactics. With a vast online atmosphere, it is imperative that your organization is at the fingertips (literally) of the new generation of applicants. Making sure that your audience sees your content is simple through digital and social advertising targeting, but having a strong organic social media presence is also vital. Students and potential employees want the chance to glimpse at the culture of your organization, and where better than a platform they spend hours on daily.

As social media content skyrockets, it also evolves. 2018 has been a year for visual content. Compelling imagery and video have taken the online world by storm. In fact, one-third of online activity is spent watching video. To ensure that your culture is developing alongside new trends in digital marketing, we suggest combining emotionally-charged videos with informative brochures and social media campaigns to lead exemplary applicants right to your funnel. With video and social media, you can reiterate your recruitment goals in a way that’s appealing and easily digestible across platforms, like we did for two very diverse audiences with the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and Nextran Truck Centers.

4. Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

A solid SEO strategy will benefit not only your recruitment efforts but all of your digital marketing efforts. By identifying the right search criteria and creating the content necessary to make it happen, your company can rank for a multitude of results, including applicant searches. Think of it this way: would you rather set up your organization in a booth way in the back of the venue in an empty corridor, or right near the entrance where everyone can see you? By increasing SEO tactics as a part of your recruitment strategy, you can be one of the first things that applicants see, which can, in turn, increase your applicant pool and awareness.

5. Own Your Organization’s Culture

The fact of the matter is, you know how great your organization is, and it can sometimes be difficult to showcase that to prospects. It takes a solid strategy and flawless execution to win the recruitment battle. But to really connect and drive action with applicants you need to use your story to reach down inside them and trigger an emotional response. By highlighting the culture of your organization you are more likely to resonate with like-minded applicants, and these talented individuals are the ones that will help your organization grow.

In the end, everyone is searching to acquire the brightest minds to add to their organization. In other words, the competition is fierce. Whether your goal is to add to your workforce or to ramp up your applicant pool for your college, recruitment in today’s highly competitive environment requires a strategic marketing approach that leverages insights gained by staying on top of industry trends. To see our approach to recruitment as well as a few relatable stories on how we have been successful in helping other organizations recruit talented individuals, take a look at our work.