Web design trends for 2021


Today, your website is the front door to your business. And with your customers spending so much time at home due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s not just your front door. It’s your lobby, showroom, checkout counter, warehouse and more. The point is, you want your site to be as engaging as possible to put your best foot forward with your customers. To help you get there, here are some web design trends for 2021 you need to know about.

Parallax Scroll Animations

We’ve all seen the sites where foreground content moves faster than those in the background as you scroll down. That’s called a parallax scroll animation and it’s one of the most immersive website experiences around. What makes it so engaging is that the user controls the 3D animation effect. Here’s a great example from The Goonies website, yes, from the 1985 movie The Goonies. Notice the beginning where you zoom past trees as you scroll. Definitely an attention grabber and something to consider for your site.

Neumorphism Design

A subtle, yet highly effective web design trend for 2021 is neumorphism. This style is particularly relevant to search bar, navigational elements and buttons; the things you want site visitors to click on to promote further engagement. Neumorphism combines background colors, shapes, gradients, highlights and shadows to create a look that makes elements appear as if they are being pushed through the screen. Because it’s anything but flat, the eye is drawn to it. And more importantly, drawn to the content it contains.

3D, 3D, 3D

A big web design trend for 2021 to watch is 3D. While the first two trends have 3D elements in them, there’s technology available that’ll take things to a whole new level. Merging 3D and animation creates an effect that looks really cool. Want an example? Take a look at the top image on the Pitch site. It appears to be a still image with a slight 3D shadow effect. But once you begin scrolling, it comes to life. Again, the technology is still evolving, but keep it on your radar.

CMS Keeps You On Message

Brand consistency is vital for any business. And CMS technology can help ensure that communications remain uniform across all touchpoints. Platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot and SharpSpring allow marketing and sales people to use pre-branded templates for their communications needs, eliminating any previous inconsistencies. While implementing CMS isn’t technically a design trend, it will help you run a tighter ship that could boost your business.

Mobile Is King

With total mobile website views far exceeding desktop views, your business had better be smartphone and tablet ready. That doesn’t just mean having a mobile presence, but optimizing your site for mobile users. Really look at how they’re interacting with your mobile site compared to desktop users. Then consider adding features (we can recommend a few) that have shown to be more intuitive for mobile users.

Audio Is A Sound Decision

Why not let your site viewers be listeners too? Another web design trend for 2021 is adding audio to the site allowing users to just listen to large pieces of information. While alt tags have long been a key component of both website accessibility and SEO, many brands are adding sound to increase engagement.

Putting 2021’s Web Design Trends To Use

Need a little help figuring out which web design trends for 2021 might be right for you? We at Frankel Media Group would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you might have. Just drop us a line any time!