If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it for your business to hire a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management company or search engine marketing agency, the answer is probably a resounding yes. PPC agencies and full-service marketing agencies have the knowledge, tools and manpower to take digital advertising analytics off your plate and make you more money. Whether your goal is general awareness, finding new leads or generating more revenue, PPC management companies can help.

5 Reasons to Hire a PPC Agency or Search Engine Marketing Agency

Unless you have a full-time PPC specialist in house (and, often, even if you do), there is probably more you could be doing in the way of search engine marketing and SEO. The beauty of hiring a full-service marketing agency or PPC management company is that their full-time focus will be on this one aspect of your advertising, getting you better results.

1. A PPC management company will audit your current performance.

If you’re already running search ads, a PPC management company should start by conducting an audit of your current campaigns. They’ll look at best and worst performing keywords, your ad structure, your current campaign tracking and more to make future recommendations based on historical data. Basically, they’ll analyze everything so you don’t have to.

2. They’ll do extensive keyword research.

In addition to looking at what’s worked in the past, a PPC management company will conduct extensive keyword research to ensure that you are targeting all the queries that are relevant to your goals. This will increase the size of your audience as well as improve overall campaign performance. They’ll also ensure your campaigns are structured so that related keywords are grouped together, improving both reporting and the relevance of your ads to your keywords.

3. The PPC management company motto? Optimize, optimize, optimize.

A good PPC management company will frequently have eyes on your ads and make critical tweaks often, such as removing low-performing keywords, adding relevant user queries as keywords, adding negative keywords, changing match types and adjusting bids. Don’t know what these terms mean? Then hiring a PPC management company will definitely pay off.

4. A full-service marketing agency can do even more to increase ad performance.

One great thing about using a full-service marketing agency to manage PPC ads is that the digital strategists and creative team will work together to not only ensure your ad copy is optimized with all the right keywords, but also to create intriguing and unique headlines and copy, improving ad click-through rate. A full-service marketing agency can also build you a new landing page and tailor the content to your ad, improving your ad relevance and therefore your quality score. Ads with higher quality scores often appear in a higher position in Google search results and see lower cost per clicks.

5. You’ll get a full picture of ad performance with in-depth analytics.

A PPC management company or full-service marketing agency can also offer in-depth reporting. Get insights such as top user queries that trigger your ads, top converting keywords, and which users converted from which campaigns. With this level of reporting, ad dollars can be allocated across PPC campaigns or channels in the most efficient manner.

Frankel Can Get You More Out of Your PPC Campaigns.

Hiring a PPC agency, search engine marketing agency or full-service agency is a surefire way to ensure you get the best bang for your ad bucks. And of course, we recommend ourselves (we’re pretty good at it). Contact us today to start making your ad dollars work harder for you.